Noam Lederman is an extremely talented drummer, composer and author. He has recently taken on the high profile role of Chief Examiner for the international exam board Rockschool.

Throughout his career, he has recorded many studio albums, toured extensively around the globe and been involved with writing over 45 books sold internationally. Noam's has worked with artists such as: Corinne Bailey Rae, State OF Bengal, Mark Hill (producer), Trevor Horn (producer) and many others...

Noam is sponsored by Mapex, Paiste and Protection Racket.

Yehoram Gaon in London

In March I had the pleasure of playing with one of the most well known singers/entertainers to come out of Israel...
Yehoram Gaon. For those of you who never heard about this guy you can check out his videos and you tube or just believe me when I say that this guy was the John Travolta of Israel 30-40 years ago...hahaha

Anyway the gig was fun and Yehoram had standing ovation...
YG full band.jpgYG- David Kriboshe and me.jpgYehoram Gaon and me.jpg

Great experience, recording in one of the best studio in town and working with amazing musicians. This production was for Israel 60th birthday celebrations. It is the first time in my life that I recorded drums in such a huge room with white leather sofas, bar (!) and enough space for about 12 groupies ;)....TH studio Kita and Me.jpgTH studio everyone.jpg